Devizes & District Skittles Leagues




 Committee meeting held on Monday 21th August 2017 at The Conservative Club at 20:00hrs

 Present:  J. Webb (Chairman), W. Smith (Vice-Chairman),  B. Harris (Fixtures Secretary),  J Lenert (Secretary), T. Newman, J. Sainsbury, G. Griffiths, P Jordan, S Coombes.

  Apologies:    M Philips, I Hurd

  The chairman declared the meeting open at 20:00

  By a unanimous vote the minutes of the previous meeting were signed as a true record.

  Matters Arising.

 There were no matters arising.

 Matters carried forward

 There were no matters carried forward


 Mind the Gaps have informed the committee that they will not be providing food at home games this season.

 K9s have moved venue to The Owl this season

 Treasurer's report.

 There are still a number of prize cheques that have yet to be cleared; the total value of the cheques to be cleared is approximately £300.

 The account balances were reported as: 

  • Current Account = £756.33
  • Reserve Account = £2444.72


 Dates for the Semi-finals and Finals of the knock-out competitions have been agreed and are in the fixtures book. It will be the responsibility of participating teams to ensure they are able to field teams on these dates should they progress to those stages.

 Rules Revision and Active Amendments

 As agreed at the AGM the league rules will undergo a complete review and revision to ensure they are up to date and fit for purpose.  During this process the leagues rules will not be updated as such the league rules dated 05-July-16 are currently active with the following agreed amendments.

 Revised Ruling for 2017/2018:

 8a. No League Match is to be started unless a minimum of seven players is present from each Team.  In the event of a team being unable to field nine players, then the team may field a reduced side. In this instance they may add one name, and one name only, to the end of their list of players. This name is to be A.N. Other. The score allocated to this player for each leg is to be determined by the lowest scoring player in that leg throwing again as an additional player and the score for these additional throws being allotted to A. N. Other. Once the first leg has been completed with a reduced number of players, with a score having been allotted to A. N. Other, then the remaining legs must be completed under this system, even if another registered player becomes available to play.

The key points from this ruling are: 

  1. The ruling applies to all divisions for all fixtures in the 2017/2018 season.
  2. A team must have at least seven players present at a match.
  3. If a team has less than nine player they will add one name to the end of the list of players for the night (this name being A N Other).
  4. If a team has eight players present then  A N Other will represent a ninth player.
  5. If a team has only seven player then A N Other will represent an eighth player and the score for the ninth player shall be zero.
  6. The score for A N Other in any leg will be determined by the lowest scoring player for that leg throwing again.
  7. Once a score has been attributed to A N Other then all legs must be completed under this system (so if you are expecting team members to arrive then you have until the end of the second leg (see rule 8d) for them to turn up before you must allot a score to A N Other).

Rule 8e

Score sheets should be submitted to the Fixtures Secretary (not the league secretary).

Supplementary competition fees – Rules 19d, 20d, 21d, 26d

In order to maintain the viability of running these competitions the entrance fees for each shall be determined by the committee and reported to all teams prior to entry dates (as per the 2016/2107 season).

Peter Jordan has accepted the responsibility of collating comments and proposals from all members. All comments should be submitted to Peter not later than 31-Oct-2017. All comments will be considered and any proposals formed for rule changes shall then be documented and presented to the league at the 2018 AGM.

Peter reported that he will shortly be issuing a first draft of the revised rules to the committee for review based on comments received to date.

Please contact Peter Jordan with any comments regarding corrections/ changes to the current rules:  e-mail  Tel: 01380 720780


 The draw for the preliminary rounds of the Nomination Cup and Kemp Shield was held and witnessed by the committee and is detailed below.  Dates for the preliminary round matches are prearranged within the fixtures calendar.

  Nomination Cup – Preliminary Round: 

Mind the Gaps






Woodborough A


Worton Warriors

T A Turnips





Seend B

Roundway Ringers


Bromham K9s

Wyvern Club


Fubar Club

Busy Bees



  Kemp Shield – Preliminary Round: 









T A Turnips

Seend Sailing Club








Dirty Dozen

Roundway Ringers


Busy Bees

Woodborough A


Fox and Hounds

  Supplementary Competitions

 All captains are asked to make their teams aware of the supplementary competitions that are available for them to enter through the year. These are detailed in the fixtures booklet with last entry dates and event dates where applicable.  Anyone wanting further information about any competitions should contact the Fixtures Secretary.

The date of the next committee meeting was agreed as Mon 16-Oct-2016.

W Smith and P Jordan offered their apologies in advance for this meeting.

There being no other business the chairman declared the meeting closed at 20:25


Signed................................................................Chairman     Date...................................